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AMS Awards Day: May 20th (8th 8:30) (7th 9:30) (6th 10:30) Awards Day invitations were sent home with student on Friday, May 7th. Visit our social media sites to view a grade level list of awarded students.


The Adairsville Middle school chapter of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) recently participated in the region leadership conference to test their skills and knowledge in all things business and related technology. Competitive events in this conference range from public speaking to online knowledge testing, to prototypical inventions. As a new chapter, having only being in existence for 2 years, Adairsville FBLA made a huge splash in the FBLA world bringing home 29 top five finishes in the 2020-2021 FBLA Region Leadership Conference. With only 27 members in the club and 23 of the 27 members competing, the students were able to pull multiple medals in several events. First Place finishers include: Braden Mathis (2), Justin Gray, Allison Potter (2), Grayson McKinney. Second Place winners are: Jolynn Valentine, Gio Marroquin (2), Justin Gray, Grayson McKinney, Kylie Perine, and Lexie Adcock. Third Place winners are: Brayden Cochran, Bella Fidazzo, Kylie Perine, Lana Nguyen, Mckenna Mogush, Iris Arevalo, Brooklyn Young. Fourth Place victors were: Sadie Abernathy (2), Hayden Barnes, Suzette Garcia, Iris Avevalo, Lana Nguyen. Students claiming the fifth place spot were, Jonathan Lara (2), and Ella Goble. Advisor Kailey Martin says, “This group of students has really set the bar high for our club. We have worked extra hard to prepare for these competitions and hope to see similar results in the upcoming State Leadership Conference. I am so proud of their dedication to their future and learning real-life skills through the fun and competition of FBLA.” Eight students will be competing in the State Leadership Conference in a few weeks. The State Leadership Conference will be held virtually this year. Students will take compete virtually and go to leadership training sessions with students from across the state.
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