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Mrs. Landolt

Chorus Teacher

Office Hours 2020-2021 - TBA


Essential Standards 2020-2021:

MSBC.PR.2a. Demonstrate appropriate singing posture and breathing techniques.

MSBC.RE.1 Perceive, analyze, and interpret meaning in musical works. a. Identify and describe components of a musical score (e.g. title, composer, vocal line, measure, system).   

MSBC.PR.1b. Identify basic music vocabulary and symbols representing tempo, meter, dynamics, articulation, and phrasing. 

MSBC.PR.3 d. Exhibit appropriate rehearsal and performance etiquette. 

MSBC.CN.2 e. Discuss and apply appropriate audience etiquette and active listening in selected musical settings.

MSBC.RE.2. a. Using self-reflection and peer feedback, listen to and evaluate group music performances 

with attention to vocal technique, accuracy of pitch and rhythm, diction, and dynamics.

MSBC.PR.1 a. Utilize a rhythmic and melodic system to read and sing music appropriate to ability.

MSBC.PR.1 c. Notate simple rhythms and melodies from aural examples utilizing a dictation method. 

MSBC.PR.2 e. Demonstrate pure vowel sounds and articulate voiced and unvoiced consonants. 

MSBC.PR.2 f. Utilize aural skills to match pitch, improve intonation, and sing with attention to ensemble balance and blend, in one or more vocal parts. 

MSBC.PR.3 Convey meaning through the presentation of musical works. 

a. Demonstrate technical accuracy and expressive qualities in performance, of a varied repertoire of music.

b. Demonstrate and respond to basic conducting patterns and gestures representing tempo, expression, and vocal technique.

c. Sing selected music from memory for public performance at least twice per year.




 University of Massachusetts Lowell - Bachelor of Music in Music Education

The Boston Conservatory - Master of Music in Music Education

 Kennesaw State University - Specialist of Education in Instructional Technology

About Mrs. Landolt
Mrs. Landolt has been the Chorus Director at AMS since 2012.  She was also the Chorus Director at AHS from 2012-2017.  She has been the musical director for Hairspray, Little Shop of Horrors, Violet, Annie, Cinderella, and Leader of the Pack for the AHS Drama Department.  Outside of school, Mrs. Landolt sings with the Georgia Symphony Orchestra Chorus.